25 Examples of BrandSTIK’s Most Popular Welcome Kits

Did you know that BrandSTIK today develops more welcome kits for clients than any other merchandise company in India. We offer our clients over 100 options of welcome kits. Today we share sneak preview of our best selling kits.

If you are looking for some of the best collection of welcome kits for your employees this is the right place and the right page for you. Welcome kits have been proven to be the best thing that can transform the first day of a new hire. Would a new employee rather get a welcome email, an obviously-forced round of applause, or a welcome kit?

Welcome Kits play an important role in introducing your company to your employees and clients.

If you are looking for ideas for welcome kits here is our list of 25 welcome kits of popular brands that make a great company swag for new employees.

These are some of our most Popular Welcome Kits:

1) Exidio:

The kit including a journal and pen because, employees do need it to note down points and tasks and to keep their employees hydrated and caffeinated also incorporate a water bottle and tumbler, nicely arranged in a Awesome Black box with Company Branding.

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2) ICICI Bank:

This kit consisted of diary, pen and a sipper Bottle packed in a nice premium black box customized with their brand logo.

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3) Bacancy:

Kit was packed inside a black box with the Brand logo were Customized two Sipper Bottles, two reusable masks, coffee mug, collar t-shirt and a pen.

4) Twimbit:

BrandSTIK Developed a Awesome Kit for Twimbit packed inside a black box with the Brand logo with Customized Folding Bag, Diary & pen.

twimbit welcome kit

5) Superops:

We developed Super Welcome Kit consisting of Collar T-shirt, Diary, Bottle, Mask, Stickers and Welcome Note.

6) Netcore:

We developed Onboarding kit consisting of Diary, Sipper Bottle Pen and Tote Bag.

7) Citrix:

BrandSTIK developed a cool kit for Critix including Metal Sipper Bottle, Wireless Charging Pad and Diary.

citrix welcome kit

8) Hubilo:

We developed Premium Onboarding kit for Hubilo including a Laptop Bag, Zipper Jacket, Round neck t-shirt, coffee mug, degree flask, Rubik cube, Badge, Smiley ball, Spiral Diary, Ecofriendly pens, Cap, Stickers, welcome scroll.

hubilo welcome kit

9) Inside View:

Inside view Welcome kit includes a Degree Flask, Mask, Round neck T-shirt, Power bank and welcome card.

inside view welcome kit

10) Cloud Control:

Cloud Control Onboarding Employee kit includes a Laptop Backpack, Metal Sipper, Collar T-shirt, Coffee Mug, Diary and Pen.

Cloudcontrol welcome kit

11) MoEngage:-  MoEngage is a customer engagement platform, headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States.  The company offers a marketing automation platform that helps businesses improve customer engagement.

For MoEngage, BrandSTIK developed a Welcome Kit Consisting of:- A Diary, Pen, T-Shirt, and Sipper bottle, all neatly packaged in a custom blue box with two sections.

12) ONTIC: Ontic is an industry leader in providing Extended Life Solutions for legacy and maturing aircraft headquarter in the UK

The Welcome kit consists of:- A Premium Diary, a Bio-wash T-Shirt, a high-quality Tote bag, and a Sipper bottle uniformly arranged in a custom black box.
ontic welcome kit

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13) 6 sense: The 6 sense Account Engagement Platform helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

The Welcome Kit consists of:- Customized Sipper, Magnetic Diary, 2 Pens, Jacket, Welcome card, stickers, and a black box.

6 sense welcome kit

14) Hanover International: Hanover International Support Services Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 26 May 2020. It is classified as a Non-govt company and is registered at Registrar of Companies, Ahmedabad.

The Kit consists of:- a Bottle, a mug, a diary, a Pen, customized box.

hanover welcome kit

15) Toyota: The Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer headquartered in Toyota, Aichi, Japan. Toyota is the global market leader in sales of hybrid electric vehicles, and one of the largest companies to encourage the mass-market adoption of hybrid vehicles across the globe.

16) UBER: 

For UBER, BrandSTIK developed a Welcome Kit Consisting of: A Puma Jersey, No Spill Mug, A Custom White Notebook, a Sleek Pen and a premium box

17) Mahindra Logistics: 

For Mahindra Logistics, BrandSTIK developed a Welcome Kit Consisting of: A Eco-friendly Diary, Magnetic Pen & Sipper

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18) CRED: 

For CRED, BrandSTIK developed a Welcome Kit Consisting of: T-shirt, Diary, Novel, Copper Bottle, Zero Risk Mask, Stickers, M&M’S Milk Chocolate Candy, Premium Tea-Pack of 10, TBH Golden Sweet Potato with Peri-Peri, Nutty Gritties-Mom’s Superfood Trail Mix, Yellow Smiley Ball, Lavender Soul Flower Bath Soap & Scroll

19) TRILIO: 

For TRILIO, BrandSTIK developed a Welcome Kit Consisting of: Bottle, Jacket, Alexa Eco dot, T-shirt, box

20) HERE: 

For HERE, BrandSTIK developed a Welcome Kit Consisting of: Tote Bag, Pen, Diary, Mug.


For BharatPe, BrandSTIK developed a Welcome Kit Consisting of: Mask, Laptop Backpack, Vaccum Flask, Jacket.

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22) Zensar Technologies: Zensar is a leading digital solutions and technology services company that specializes in partnering with global organizations across industries

The Welcome Kit consists of:- Dairy, pen, coffee mug, 2 highlighters, box

Some of the Welcome Kit from around the world.

1) Ogilvy and Mather: Ogilvy & Mather, one of the leading Advertising and PR brands, gives a beautiful red-colored welcome box to its new hire.

The Welcome Kit consists of:- Book, Notebook, Pencil, USB, Metal Slinky, Welcome Card, Custom Box.

2) Aktana:  Aktana is a Software Company. This platform uses artificial intelligence to help healthcare professionals and sales and marketing teams coordinate and optimize multichannel engagement.

The Welcome Kit consists of:- Sleek wooden box, with beautifully branded high-quality headphones, a leather-bound journal, and a vacuum-insulated S’well bottle.

3) Cactus: Cactus is a full-service, integrated marketing and advertising agency specializing in Belief and Behavior Design

The Welcome kit consists of:- Ruler, Business Card, Pencil, USB, Letter Sheet, copper letterpress.

4) DropBox: Dropbox, a file hosting service, welcomes its employees in a classic, yet smart way.

The Kit consists of:-  a journal, pen, laptop decals, camp mug, coffee, and a handwritten welcome note at their new desk.

5) eBay: eBay Inc. is an American multinational e-commerce corporation based in San Jose, California, that facilitates consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales through its website.

The Kit consists of- a corporate tote bag, a welcome letter, a soothing toy soccer ball, a shaker, stationary, and a notebook.

6) Content Park: Content Park is a complete content-based company that offers high-quality content to top brands.

The Kit consists of:- Hero chest tees, a set of business cards, a business card holder, customized coffee, a secret action figure, and a fitness tracker.

7) IBM: IBM is a world-class multinational technology company in the USA with its operations in more than 170 countries.

The Kit Consists of:- a thermal mug, a shaker, a mug, a baseball cap, a notebook, a USB Flash drive, numerous pens, a backpack, and a T-Shirt.

8) Facebook: Facebook has made interacting with people around the world easily! Indeed, there is a team of experts behind it who manages Facebook and makes it a great platform for everyone.

The Kit consists of:- Moleskin Notebook, MacBook, Mouse, T-Shirt, Booklet, Name Plaque.

9) Tap Portugal: The welcome kit of Tap Portugal, an airline carrier, is pretty simple. The only thing that makes it sets apart from others is its aesthetics by Studio Fluo.

The Kit consists of:- a pencil, pen, notebook, lanyard, a balloon-inspired motif, and a welcome letter from the president of the company.

10) FanDuel: FanDuel is a daily fantasy sports company that specializes in MLB, NBA, NFL, and NHL leagues.

The Kit consists of:- a MacBook, notepads, two hoodies, other Apple stuff, and office supplies.

11) Percolate: Percolate is a marketing technology company that gets recognition for its whole onboarding program. So there’s no wonder that their welcome kit is unique and attractive.

The Kit consists of:- a tote bag, granola, a t-shirt, sipper, welcome handwritten letter, and a Kindle. On the first day, a new hire receives a mouse pad, stickers, notebooks, etc.—all in the signature bold color of the brand.

12) Lisa Dino: Lisa Dino, a Brisbane-based designer, promotes her services and welcomes her new employees.

The Kit consists of:- a cute set that includes a sketchbook, colored pencils, a pencil sharpener, and an eraser.

13) Element Three: E3 is a marketing agency from Indianapolis that has invested a ton of time and money into perfecting the onboarding experience.

The Kit consists of- an Element Three water bottle, a t-shirt with the acronym of their core values, a few field notebooks with the core values, branded pencils, a key to the office, a personal welcome message from their president, a map of the office, a smile, & a four-week mission task list to be completed with their Element 3 mentor.

14) Twitter: Twitter has become the buzz in the world of online news and social networking services.

The Kit consists of- Bottle of Wine, a T-shirt, a Tote Bag, and a Notebook.

15) Coinbase: Coinbase is all about making digital currency easier; whether it involves buying, selling, transferring, storing, and even converting your online money to your local currency.

The Kit consists of:- Hoodie, socks, t-shirt, tumbler, journal, bookmark, charger, charging cable, pen, and laptop decals.

16) DigitalDigm: The Korean mid-sized digital company has a creative way to greet its new employee.

The Kit consists of:- six interesting stories in a brochure about the company. Along with it, they will receive an ID card to the main entrance of the building and LED boards to greet them with a ‘Hello.’

17) Vodafone: Vodafone Group plc is a British multinational telecommunications company. Its registered office and global headquarters are in Newburgh, Berkshire, England. It predominantly operates services in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Oceania.

The Kit consists of- personalized mouse, earphones, and accessories, plus a very handy promo-string for the badge, which the most devoted employees can also use for the car or house keys, a trademark that also defines them outside of the office.

18) Ferrero Rocher: Other than offering mouth-watering sweets and chocolates, the popular chocolate and confectionery company.

The Kit consists of a notepad, a ball-point pen, a welcome letter, and a whole box of tempting Ferrero sweets such as kinder joy, tic tac, Ferrero Rocher, Nutella, and more.

19) One Method: One Method is a creative studio based in Toronto. The creativity of the studio can be seen on their website.

The Kit consists of:- a notebook, some pens, Kool-aid to drink, a petri dish (sample of OM culture), a 26-page lab manual, shot glass, spray paint, and a small packet of rock candy.

20) Nike: Since 1964, Nike has been at the top of manufacturing athletic clothes, shoes, and equipment.

The Kit consists of:- a cup, calendar, headphones, and pin.

21) Canon: For more than 75 years, Canon has been known for pioneering innovative imaging products. One of the world’s largest manufacturers of cameras, copiers, and printers, the company maintains its leadership position by continuously innovating new features and technologies.


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