Case Study : Maersk Shipping Thank You Kit to employees during Lockdown with BrandSTIK

Maersk Shipping carried out the wonderful initiative of sending a box of chocolates and a personalized thank you card signed by the CEO to each of their employees during the lockdown period thanking them for their contribution during this difficult period.  BrandSTIK was proud to be part of this initiative and assisted the company in developing this kit and more importantly shipping this to individual customers at their home. Each Kit consisted of  Ferrero rocher Chocolates +  Thank You card which was gift wrapped.  Each gift was packaged and sanitized before being shipped.

BrandSTIK provides a complete solution of developing merchandise , gifts, rewards and individual deliveries to customers/employees  homes during this lockdown period. So in case you need to send any rewards, incentives or gifts to your employees channel partners or customers please contact us and we will get it done. We even have a contactless gifting platform where you can allow the user to select their own gift and deliver it straight to their homes for more information click here 

If you need one you know who to contact! Whatsapp 9594070940 for more information or visit


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