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COVID Care kits for Employees of Wacker

BrandSTIK’s developed this COVID Care Kits for Employees of Wacker to keep their employees healthy and make them feel safe. Steam Inhaler and Mask for protection against harmful viruses, Sanitizer to keep your hands clean, a pulse oximeter to monitor the oxygen saturation, and a thermometer. The pandemic has uprooted the world, pushing HR teams to the forefront to lead organizational change, while ensuring the safety and productivity of employees.

Wacker COVID care kit

The Products were neatly packed in individual cartons with Brand Logo and delivered to their Employees.

Wacker COVID care kit

The COVID care Kits for Wacker consists :

Steam Inhaler

steam inhaler





Healing Touch Sanitizer

healing Touch sanitizer

To send out your own COVID Care kits to employees/clients as a goodwill gesture, connect with us at or contact Veena on +91 9594070940, Visit our Website:

Explore our Product Range : COVID Care Products

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