Contactless Diwail Gifting

How BrandSTIK Powered Connectwise’s Contactless Diwali Gifting Platform [Updated 2023]

BrandSTIK executed a massive 1500 employees Contactless Diwali Gifting Program of Connectwise through its proprietary online SAAS Platform FOXBOX Rewards which uses an Address Verification system to save time for its client to take addresses from its employees.

Through our Online Redemption program, 1500 employees were provided access to a custom portal for the company where they can log in and choose their Diwali Gift online and checkout post entering their delivery details. All employees were given a choice to redeem Amul products from their budgeted allocation.

The online platform helped the client provide a curated range of products to choose from, save the time of collecting addresses, ensure the gifts reach them at the right location, and convenience of not having to monitor at the operational level the logistics which otherwise could have been a nightmare.

If you would like to quickly distribute Diwali gifts for your employees/ customers please contact us for an online demo.

Here are the Steps:

1) A Diwali Gift Redemption Portal is developed (

Contactless Diwali Gifting

2) Points are credited to the Customers/employee’s account equivalent to the Diwali budgeted gift amount. The customer/employee can visit Diwali Gift Redemption Portal and log in using an email or mobile number.

3) He can redeem the gift from the selection curated by the company for employees.

4) If he like to order a particular product, click add to cart

5) Similarly click add to cart on all products you wish to redeem.

Contactless Diwali Gifting

6)Once redeemed he can enter the shipping details.

7) The Diwali Gift is shipped directly to the employee. He can track it online.

8) Company Receives Reports of all the redemption Hassle-free, convenient and efficient ways of rewarding employees.

Are you thinking of Contactless Diwali Gifting Program this year? Contact us for Demo 9594070940 / 9167373749 or email

BrandSTIK’s Biggest Diwali Gifts Catalogue is here 


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