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Eco-friendly Plantable Gifts to Inspire Green Thinking

Eco-friendly plantable gifts ideas are a great way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to going green. So, if you are thinking of gifting your employees to channel partners something that stays with them for lifetime, plantable corporate gifts should be your preference.

BrandSTIK has curated the best plantable corporate stationary gifts to grow kits so that your customers and business partners will remember your company for a long time to come.. These gifts can feature your company branding so it ties into your marketing strategy and environmental responsibility.

Here are our Range of Eco-friendly Plantable Gifts Ideas –

Plantable Pen Pencil Combo

Plantable eco-friendly pen-pencil combo box contains 4 plantable recycled paper pens and 4 plantable recycled paper pencils in a round recycled kraft paper box. After usage, you can plant the pencils and pens as per the instructions in the product packaging.All pencils and pens have government-approved seeds of different plants (with seed name on each pen and pencil) with specified expiry dates contained in a water-soluble seed capsule.

plantable pen pencil combo

Plantable Notepad

This notepad is suitable for Home use, Office use and also can be gifted since this is not just an ordinary notepad, This is plantable. After all, everyone should learn to be environmentally friendly. This is a gift that will never go to waste. Go ahead, Gift Green. After you have scribbled your hopes; Soak the cover in a bowl of water for 5-10 days. It will sprout into a seed and you can plant that in any pot of your choice. Just give it good sunlight, water and lots of love. Then watch it grow with pride.

plantable notepad

Plantable gift box

This bio-degradable product minimizes net waste and the plantable feature encourages the employees to think about growing instead of throwing. It’s a great corporate eco-friendly gift. After using these pens can be planted in soil with the capsule end facing down. he kit helps you express your green side and conveys that you care.

Eco-friendly Plantable gifts set

Mega Grow Eco friendly kit

Disposable products have been identified as one of the main reasons for plastic pollution, so we decided to change the trend for a better planet. All packaging and the body of pens and pencils is made using 100% recycled and bio-degradable paper. Assorted organic seeds are used in the pens and pencils, which can be grown into different flowers, herbs and vegetables. Suitable for corporate gifting, to move a step forward in creating a positive impact for mother earth.

mega grow kit

DIY plantable kit – Small

From organic seeds to compostable pot, this DIY kit will help you grow your own tomatoes, cucumbers and more! This kit makes gardening super easy. A garden at home – either in the backyard or the balcony- is a great idea to make your employees living space greener. comes with a biodegradable pot made from coconut husk, a packet of seeds, organic fertiliser to boost the growth of your plants, a planting tag as well as an instruction and observation manual.

plantable grow kit small

DIY plantable kit – Large

Grow it Yourself Kit Eco friendly product; seeds for planting after utilizing the product as pencil, paper etc. Eco friendly product having products which can be planted. The kit is aimed to solve some waste problems and make our environment better. It can be used as a gift for birthday, Anniversary, corporate gifting, and other occasions like Deepawali, Earth Day. Everyone like Adult, children, family, employees can use it and contribute in making a better tomorrow.

plantable grow kit large

Plant life kit – Amaranthus red grow kit

Red Amaranthus is highly nutritious, grows quickly and can set you up for a high yield in 45 days. Contains everything needed to grow plants. Seeds, coir pot, coco peat & organic fertilizer. Kit includes Plant Growing Guide which will help you set up the plant and advise you through the plant raising experience.

Eco-friendly Plantable gifts

If you’re going to give a corporate gift, make sure it is eco-friendly and sustainable. For More Information reach out to us at or contact Veena on +91 9594070940

Look at our Sustainable and Eco-friendly Range: click here

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