New Launch: Wireless charger with Alarm Clock

BrandSTIK promises to introduce latest and multifunctional tech accessories. This Week BrandSTIK has introduced Wireless Charger with digital alarm clock with functionality of a smartphone charger and alarm clock to create a more productive workspace. Perfect for work from home series, this is compact and just the right size so it does not take up a lot of space on your employees work station.

wireless charger with alarm clock

  • WIRED & WIRELESS CHARGING: Smart and fast desktop mobile charging using wireless & wired. Type C input, Wireless output with latest technology Wireless Mobile Qi Charging.

wireless charger - fast charging

  • DIGITAL ALARM CLOCK: you can set alarm, easily switch between 12/24Hrs modes and pressing the “+” or “–” button adjusts the specific time.

wireless charger with digital alarm clock

  • SOFT LED LAMP: This wireless charger has an inbuilt LED light which can be easily switched on/off by a button on the device. The LED emits soft light which can be used for night reading.

wireless charger with soft LED Lamp

  • UNIVERSAL DEVICE CHARGER: Supports all Android & iOS wired & wireless charging devices. This portable device is sleek and easy to carry, and takes less space on your desktop.

UNIVERSAL DEVICE CHARGER: Supports all Android & iOS wired & wireless charging with alarm clock

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