Embracing Sustainability: Top 10 Corporate Gift Ideas for Indian Businesses

In today’s world, sustainability is no longer just a buzzword; it’s a way of life. As sustainability continues to take center stage in business practices, the demand for eco-friendly corporate gifting solutions has never been higher. At BrandSTIK, we recognize the importance of offering a diverse range of sustainable products across various categories to meet the evolving needs of Indian businesses. From drinkware to bags, apparel to stationary, and now even tech gadgets, our curated selection ensures that every gift you give makes a positive impact on the environment.


From timeless classics to cutting-edge innovations, our curated selection ensures that every gift you give makes a positive impact on the environment. Join us as we explore our top 10 eco-friendly corporate gift ideas, spanning from drinkware to tech gadgets, designed to inspire sustainable practices in the corporate world.

  • Drinkware:
    • Coffee Husk Mug: Crafted from recycled coffee husks, these mugs combine sustainability with style for a perfect morning brew.
    • Rice Husk Mug: Embrace nature with mugs made from natural rice husks, promoting eco-consciousness with every sip.
    • Retro Coffee Husk Mug: Add a touch of nostalgia to your coffee breaks with these retro-style mugs, made from renewable resources.
    • Bamboo Flask: Stay hydrated on the go with these lightweight and biodegradable bamboo flasks, perfect for eco-conscious professionals.

  • Bags:
    • Canvas Tote Bag: Replace disposable plastic bags with these reusable canvas totes, ideal for shopping or daily errands.
    • Eco-Smart Pouch: Organize essentials sustainably with these pouches made from recycled materials, promoting eco-friendly practices.
    • Eco-Warrior Cork Sleeve: Protect your gadgets in style with these cork sleeves, blending sophistication with sustainability.

canvas bag with jute handle

  • Apparel (Certified):
    • Bamboo Blend Classic T-Shirts for Men and Women: Experience comfort and sustainability with these ethically sourced bamboo blend t-shirts.
    • Bamboo Blend Polo Neck T-Shirts for Men: Elevate your corporate attire with polo neck t-shirts that prioritize eco-consciousness without compromising style.
    • Bamboo Blend Kurtis for Women: Embrace eco-friendly fashion with these chic kurtis, crafted from sustainable bamboo blend fabric.

  • Stationery:
    • Seed Cover Notebook: Plant the seeds of sustainability with these notebooks featuring plantable covers, promoting green initiatives in the workplace.
    • Plantable Pen and Pencil Combo: Write with purpose using pens and pencils embedded with seeds, fostering a connection to nature with every stroke.

  • Tech Gadgets:
    • Sustainable 6-in-1 Charging Dock Station: Streamline your workspace with this eco-friendly charging dock station, designed to power multiple devices sustainably.
    • Bamboo Wireless Charger with USB Hub: Charge your devices wirelessly while reducing environmental impact with this bamboo charger featuring a built-in USB hub.

Cypress 6 in 1 Multifunction Wireless Charging Junction at Rs 3650/piece in Ahmedabad

Wangari-Pine 10 W Bamboo Wireless Charger with USB Hub | Sustainable | Eco-Friendly | Bamboo

  • Desk Accessories:
    • Coconut Shell Mobile Stand: Add a touch of nature to your desk with these mobile stands handcrafted from coconut shells, merging functionality with sustainability.
    • Bamboo Amplifier Speaker: Amplify your sound sustainably with these bamboo speakers, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic models.
    • Pen Stand Cube: Organize your workspace with style using these sleek bamboo pen stand cubes, perfect for holding pens, pencils, and other essentials.

  • Kitchen:
    • Coconut Wood Designer Bowl: Serve up sustainability with these elegant coconut wood bowls, perfect for entertaining guests or everyday use.
    • Coconut Wood Spoon and Fork Set: Ditch plastic utensils for these sustainable alternatives crafted from coconut wood, promoting eco-friendly dining experiences.

  • Games:
    • Wooden Tic Tac Toe: Foster eco-friendly entertainment with this classic wooden game, offering hours of fun while reducing plastic waste.

  • Festive:
    • Coconut Shell Scented Candles with Soy Wax: Create a warm ambiance sustainably with these scented candles, hand-poured into coconut shells and made with eco-friendly soy wax.

  • Trophies:
    • Wooden Trophies: Celebrate achievements with these elegant wooden trophies, crafted from renewable resources and customizable to commemorate special occasions.

  • Gift Sets:
    • Custom-made Welcome Kits and Festive Occasion Kits: Impress clients or employees with personalized gift sets that reflect your brand values and commitment to sustainability, curated with a selection of eco-friendly products tailored to their needs.

At BrandSTIK, we believe that sustainability and corporate gifting go hand in hand. By choosing eco-friendly gifts, Indian businesses can make a positive impact on the environment while strengthening relationships with clients, employees, and stakeholders.


For more sustainable corporate gift ideas, contact us at +91 95940 70940 or email us at Let’s work together to create a greener and brighter future for generations to come.



I am content Specialist with BrandSTIK and write about new product launches and generally everything around merchandise.

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