Crafting Elegance: BrandSTIK’s Premium Welcome Kits for SBI IdeationX

In the world of corporate gifting, the art of making a lasting impression is paramount. Each gift serves as a reflection of the giver’s values, taste, and appreciation for the recipient. When it comes to welcoming esteemed partners or employees into a new venture, the significance of the gesture magnifies. SBI IdeationX, a leading corporate innovation hub, recognized this essence and partnered with BrandSTIK to craft premium welcome kits that exude excellence. Let’s delve into the case study of how BrandSTIK orchestrated a blend of functionality, sustainability, and sophistication in these meticulously curated kits.


Understanding the Vision:

SBI IdeationX’s ethos revolves around fostering innovation and nurturing talent. Their welcome kits needed to echo this sentiment while encapsulating practicality and elegance. BrandSTIK embarked on understanding the essence of SBI IdeationX’s brand identity, aligning every element of the kit with their ethos.


The Components of Excellence:

The welcome kit offered by BrandSTIK for SBI IdeationX came in two distinguished versions, each meticulously crafted to resonate with the recipients.

Version One:

The first version boasted a Sustainable 6 in 1 Cypress Wireless Charging Dock, epitomizing technological advancement and environmental consciousness. This multifunctional dock could charge phones, earpods, and smartwatches simultaneously, while also displaying essential information like date, time, and temperature. Accompanying this tech marvel was a Borosil Coffeemate Mug, symbolizing the warmth and camaraderie inherent in SBI IdeationX’s culture. Additionally, a desk piece shaped in the company logo added a personalized touch, reinforcing a sense of belonging.

Version Two:

In the second version, BrandSTIK introduced a Bamboo Wireless Charger with USB HUB, aligning with SBI IdeationX’s commitment to sustainability. This eco-friendly alternative retained the functionality of the charging dock while incorporating natural elements. The Borosil Coffeemate Mug and the customized desk piece remained consistent, ensuring coherence across both versions of the kit.

Packaging Excellence:

Complementing the premium contents, the packaging played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall experience. BrandSTIK designed custom boxes adorned with SBI IdeationX’s artwork in white and brand colors. The minimalist yet sophisticated packaging not only safeguarded the contents but also served as a visual delight, leaving a lasting impression from the moment of unboxing.

The Impact:

The reception of these premium welcome kits surpassed expectations, eliciting admiration and appreciation from recipients. SBI IdeationX’s partners and employees were not only impressed by the thoughtfulness of the gesture but also by the practicality and elegance infused into every component. The kits seamlessly integrated into their daily lives, serving as constant reminders of the excellence embodied by SBI IdeationX.


BrandSTIK’s collaboration with SBI IdeationX exemplifies the power of corporate gifting in cultivating relationships and reinforcing brand values. By meticulously curating welcome kits that combine functionality, sustainability, and sophistication, BrandSTIK succeeded in encapsulating the essence of SBI IdeationX’s brand identity. These kits stand as testaments to the commitment towards excellence and innovation, forging stronger bonds and inspiring greatness within SBI IdeationX’s ecosystem.


In the realm of corporate gifting, every detail matters, and BrandSTIK’s premium welcome kits for SBI IdeationX serve as shining examples of how thoughtful gestures can leave an indelible mark on recipients, fostering a culture of excellence and appreciation.


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