Make a DIGITAL STATEMENT. Company Annual reports now in USB Flash Drives

Make a DIGITAL STATEMENT. Company Annual reports now in USB Flash Drives

As more and more information is turning digital, BrandSTIK sees a new trend seen among many companies is digitization of their annual reports. Companies are increasingly using USB Flash Drives as a medium to distribute their annual report among key stakeholders.

Company Annual reports now in Flash/Pen Drives
By doing away with paper version, the Portable Digital Annual reports go a long way in communicating sustainability message for the company.

Also USB Flash Drives are preferred, as it’s convenient to carry them around since the content is digital, readers can store them easily and read at leisure, access relevant sections more easily using search function.

Besides USB flash drives offer the advantage of packing in much more information which normally cannot be part of traditional hard copy annual reports which improves the overall experience. Examples include audio video message from the top management. Company newsletters, media related information, All go a long way to build the brand perception.

The most popular USB flash drives used by companies for annual reports is the credit card design as one can simply replicate the paper version of cover design on the USB flash drives itself thus ensuring consistent and impactful branding.

Some companies load annual reports in USB flash drives which can’t be reused or copied upto 1 GB capacity. Others have annual reports and other corporate content embedded in non erasable formats and rest of the USB flash drives is usable by the receiver. These are usually from 2 GB to 32 GB This can ensure longevity of the company branding with the user.

We at BrandSTIK ( Subsidiary of WorldOne Sourcing HK Ltd) strongly feels that’s its only a matter of time before more and more companies start using USB flash drives as their preferred mode for sharing their annual reports among key stakeholders.

Over the last 2 years BrandSTIK prides itself in being associated and developing sustainability reports in digital formats – USB flash drives for one of India’s largest manufacturing conglomerate. The USB flash drives designed and manufactured through WorldOne Sourcing HK Ltd’s Hongkong office use the most advanced digital print technology and chip quality to product high impact output for its end user.

We welcome companies to try out this initiative and make a statement. The minimum order quantity can be as low as 200 pcs for a trial.


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