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Remember the last  time when you had  to struggle to locate your bag at the airport as it passes through the conveyer belt . You probably ended up wasting a lot of time to check if your luggage has arrived or not. Now don’t waste any more time and save the hassle . BrandSTIK introduces a patented product designed in US – Wireless Luggage Locator -Easy2Pick in India for its customers

This Wireless Luggage Finder will simply notify you when your luggage arrives so no more waiting for your luggage.

The Wireless Luggage finder consists of two parts , a credit card sized base unit which will be attached to your  luggage, and a key chain sized device which will be with the user. Once you activate the two devices, the key chain device will beep, vibrate informing you when your luggage arrives or is within 90 ft distance.  besides since each device has an individual code there is no mistaken identity. You can also use this device as a way to locate your keys the same way.

The wireless Luggage Finder from BrandSTIK done not interfere with any flight equipment and automatically deactivates inside the plane. Works Worldwide across all airports. It has a simple one touch operation so easy to use.  It also has a worldwide registered patent so no worry about counterfeit products .


Some of its advantages include

  • Electronic Luggage Tag with Built in Wireless Transmitter
  • Wireless Keychain Recognition Device
  • Suitable for Keys Phones Vehicles and More!
  • Recognizes up to 60 Feet Away Personal Coded
  • Automatically Deactivates Inside the Plane

BrandSTIK provides custom logo imprint on these devices under special arrangement with the original manufacturer. You can choose from the existing colors and packing. Also the minimum order quantity is as low as 200 pcs.


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