Building Loyalty Through Long-Term Employee Rewards Programs

In today’s competitive business landscape, companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to retain and motivate their employees. Employee engagement and loyalty play a pivotal role in an organization’s success, and a well-crafted long-term rewards program can significantly contribute to achieving these goals. One company that excels in providing tailored, meaningful, and long-lasting rewards for employees is BrandSTIK. Let’s explore some case studies where BrandSTIK’s unique corporate gifts have helped clients like TATA Mutual Funds, ICICI Bank, IVAS Dealership, Sharekhan, and Insight Hanu build stronger relationships with their employees.


1. Glass Trophy – Case Study for TATA Mutual Funds

TATA Mutual Funds wanted to recognize and motivate their top-performing employees. BrandSTIK designed a stunning glass trophy with the company’s logo and employee’s name etched onto it. This elegant token of appreciation not only acknowledged their hard work but also symbolized their contribution to the company’s success. The glass trophy became a tangible reminder of their achievements, fostering a sense of pride and loyalty among the employees.


2. Custom Shaped Trophy – Case Study for ICICI Bank’s Tractor Loan Division

For ICICI Bank’s rural banking division, BrandSTIK created custom-shaped trophies for their employees working in the tractor loan department. Shaped like a tractor, these trophies were not just awards but also a representation of the employees’ role in empowering rural communities. These unique trophies strengthened the bond between employees and the organization, making them feel more connected to their mission.


3. LED Certificate Frame – Case Study for IVAS Dealership Certificate

IVAS, a leading dealership in the automotive industry, wanted to recognize the accomplishments of their top-performing dealerships. BrandSTIK provided LED certificate frames that beautifully illuminated the dealership certificates. This not only enhanced the visual appeal of the certificates but also made them more memorable. The LED certificate frames turned the act of recognition into a visually striking experience, ensuring long-term employee satisfaction and loyalty.


4. Wooden Plaque – Case Study for Sharekhan

Sharekhan, a prominent name in the financial sector, was looking for an elegant way to reward their employees. BrandSTIK crafted wooden plaques with a timeless design, engraved with the employee’s name and their achievement. These wooden plaques added a touch of sophistication to recognition, demonstrating that the organization values its employees. They served as a constant reminder of the employee’s contribution and fostered a sense of belonging to the company.


5. Number Trophies – Case Study for Insight hanu’s Long-Term Employee Rewards Program

Insight Hanu, a rapidly growing tech company, celebrated its employees’ dedication and commitment by implementing a unique long-term rewards program. BrandSTIK provided a number of trophies, representing the years of service, to commemorate the loyalty of employees who had been with the company for three, five, and ten years. These trophies were more than just awards; they were symbols of the company’s appreciation and long-term investment in its team.


These case studies underscore the power of long-term reward programs in building loyalty among employees. BrandSTIK’s innovative and customized gifts transformed routine recognition into memorable experiences, strengthening the bond between employees and their organizations.


To explore how BrandSTIK can help your company create a long-term rewards program that fosters employee loyalty, contact us at +91 9594070940 or email us at Visit our website at to view our wide range of corporate gifting options and make a lasting impact on your employees’ professional journey. With BrandSTIK, the path to building a loyal and engaged workforce is illuminated with creativity, innovation, and dedication.



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