New Launch – Infrared Thermometer by BrandSTIK

BrandSTIK launches Infrared thermometers for Corporate requirements. The infrared forehead thermometer is specifically designed for safe use on the forehead.

The Infrared Forehead Thermometer is a device capable of measuring people’s body temperature by detecting the intensity of infrared light emitted from the forehead. It converts the measured heat into a temperature reading displayed on the LCD. The infrared forehead thermometer is intended for the intermittent measurement of human body temperature from the skin surface of the forehead by people of all ages. When properly used, it will quickly assess your temperature in an accurate manner.

Product Description of Infrared 2-In-1 Thermometer:

  • Point to the forehead from a distance of 2 – 6 inches and know your body temperature in two seconds
  • Battery operated and comfortable in the hand. (battery is not included)
  • It is also calibrated to measure the temperature of an object or room
  • This forehead thermometer has a rugged design that delivers reliable results
  • It is easy to carry anywhere
  • Large screen & back light display

Measuring distance: 5cm-15cm (2in ~ 5.9in)

Specifications Measurement range: 32 ° C  –  42.9 ° C (90 ° F-109 ° F)

Infrared Thermomter comes with certification. For more information or to see samples send us a mail on or chat with us on +91 9594070940 or live on our website.

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