Cost Effective yet Impactful Welcome Kits Under Rs 1000.

Are you a company looking to make a memorable impression on your new hires without overspending on your budget? Look no further than BrandSTIK’s carefully curated welcome kits. We understand the importance of creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your new team members, and that’s why we’ve crafted three exceptional welcome kits that blend sophistication, indulgence, and sustainability—all without breaking the bank.

1. NTQS Sophisticate’s Embrace:

Elevate your onboarding experience with our NTQS Sophisticate’s Embrace kit. This kit exudes elegance and practicality, featuring a chic bottle, sleek keychain, premium pen, and refined diary. It’s the perfect blend of sophistication and functionality, ensuring your new hires feel valued from day one.

2. Aditya Birla Indulgent Ensemble:

Treat your new team members to luxury with our Aditya Birla Indulgent Ensemble. This opulent kit includes a pristine ceramic mug, temperature-regulating bottle, premium earphones, diary, and high-quality pen. It’s a sensory delight that will leave a lasting impression on your new hires.

3. QuickSight Eco-Luxe Embrace:

Embrace sustainability in style with our QuickSight Eco-Luxe Embrace kit. This eco-friendly option features a rustic rope bottle, bamboo pen and diary set, stylish badge, and vibrant sticker for a touch of nature and flair. Show your commitment to environmental responsibility while still providing a memorable welcome experience.

At BrandSTIK, we believe in creating unforgettable experiences with our carefully curated welcome kits. Our top priority is to provide quality and affordability, ensuring that you can make a lasting impression on your new hires without exceeding your budget. Discover the perfect welcome kit for your company today and elevate your onboarding experience like never before.

Ready to make a lasting impression? Contact BrandSTIK today to learn more about our welcome kits and how we can help enhance your onboarding process. Welcome your new hires with style, sophistication, and sustainability—all within your budget.


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