BrandSTIK: A Tailored Success Story in Corporate Gifting


Corporate gifting has evolved into a powerful tool for companies to express appreciation and strengthen relationships with their employees. Hexaware, a leading IT services provider, sought a distinctive gift for their Long Term Service Awards Event. They turned to BrandSTIK, a renowned corporate gifting company known for its creativity and personalized approach. The result was a resounding success, as BrandSTIK developed custom blazers with the company logo, demonstrating their commitment to excellence.


Tailoring the Solution:

Understanding the significance of the Long Term Service Awards Event, BrandSTIK knew that the gift had to be unique and memorable. After careful consideration, they decided on custom blazers as a symbol of professionalism and camaraderie. To cater to different preferences, three striking colors were chosen: Blue, Grey, and light brown.


Embodying Equality:

BrandSTIK emphasized inclusivity, ensuring that both male and female employees were presented with blazers that perfectly fit their style. The blazers were meticulously tailored to suit each gender, embracing diversity while preserving uniformity. The attention to detail spoke volumes about Hexaware’s commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace culture.



Embroidered Excellence:

Adding a touch of sophistication, each blazer was adorned with Hexaware’s logo, elegantly embroidered on the lapel. The logo represented the shared values and vision of the company, uniting its employees under a common identity. The embroidery exemplified BrandSTIK’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship, leaving a lasting impression on the recipients.



Unveiling the Surprise:

The Long Term Service Awards Event arrived, and the custom blazers took center stage. As employees wore them, the room buzzed with excitement and appreciation. The Blazers not only symbolized loyalty and commitment but also instilled a sense of belonging among the employees. The event became an unforgettable celebration of dedication and collective success.


The Aftermath:

The impact of BrandSTIK’s thoughtful gesture was undeniable. Hexaware employees donned their custom blazers with pride, wearing them not just as a corporate memento, but as a symbol of their long-standing partnership with the company. The Blazers became a conversation starter both inside and outside the workplace, raising brand visibility and strengthening Hexaware’s image as an employer that values its people.


BrandSTIK’s exceptional execution of the custom blazers for Hexaware’s Long Term Service Awards Event highlights the potential of corporate gifting in fostering employee loyalty and engagement. Through their careful consideration of design, gender inclusivity, and exquisite embroidery, BrandSTIK created a memorable gift that showcased Hexaware’s appreciation for its workforce.


In a world where employee recognition is paramount, this case study stands as a testament to the impact of thoughtful corporate gifting. The successful collaboration between BrandSTIK and Hexaware reinforces the notion that investing in meaningful gifts can foster a sense of pride and unity within an organization. As the corporate gifting landscape continues to evolve, BrandSTIK remains a frontrunner, continuously innovating and delivering tailor-made solutions that leave a lasting impression.



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