Cleverdog World’s Smartest Plug & Play Wireless Wifi Ip P2P Cctv Camera

Cleverdog World’s Smartest Plug & Play Wireless Wifi Ip P2P Cctv Camera

World’s most convenient WIFI IP CAMERA – Cleverdog. From installing to setting up to customer friendly app that allows two way speaking, accessing history of the Camera through the app, to motion detection barking alert – this small wonder is full of big surprises and never before features.

1BrandSTIK range of Cleverdog comes with various features,

  • Easiest UP CCTV camera in the world to set up.
  • Open up the pack, power up the camera, install Cleverdog app on your mobile (available for iPhone and Android) and follow simple step by step procedure – on an average customers are able to install within 10 minutes.
  • Two way talking you can talk to the person at the other end by pressing the microphone button on the app – do note the quality varies as per the internet connection.
  • Cleverdog’s state of the art app allows you to access history (recording) on the go from anywhere in the world and if you want to save the recording, on your laptop/PC as well you can do so by installing Cleverdog.
  • Motion Sensor Bark and Night Vision : If you are out of home, you can activate motion sensor through your app.
  • Anyone crosses the path of the camera, the camera will bark, take pictures and upload it on the app.
  • Thanks to infrared enable lens, you can access the videos in low light/night conditions.
  • Call on 1800-1234-414 (10 AM- 6 PM, Mondays through Saturdays) for setup/installation guidance.
  • Supported Operating Systems : iOS android 4.0 and above.
  • Connection Method : Wi-Fi.
  • WIFI Version : IEEE 802.11b.
  • 720 x 576 resolution at 15fps.
  • H.264 video resolution.
  • Color lens.
  • 80 degrees horizontal and 60 degrees vertical viewing.
  • 4 x infrared lights as light supplement.
  • Automatically enabled light sensor.
  • Motion detection.
  • Still images report.
  • Internal mic and internal speakers.
  • Automatically enabled Infrared Induction in low light.
  • Size : 100mm x 50mm x 35mm.



  • You can get live video feed – straight on your mobile – no matter where you are you can access the place you’ve installed the camera at.
  • You can have a two-way call (depending upon wifi/internet connection at both places) – receiving other person’s (person at Camera’s end) voice depends upon his/her proximity to the camera.
  • You can set up motion detection (please give some time for motion detection to properly start working – since the connection happens with server first there might be some time lapse) by clicking on protection button and enabling motion detection.
  • Cleverdog on motion detection can bark and can also send notifications (in app) with images of what is detected.
  • Cleverdog allows you to check the history by installing a Micro SD card.
  • History can be checked by clicking on History button (in the app). One can go through the timelines to view the history.
  • History/recording can be downloaded on the Laptop/PC via Cleverdog Software
  • You can share the feed/ your camera with 5 people and they can access the live feed of your camera (only one person can see the feed at one time, multiple people can’t see the live feed simultaneously).
  • Only the host mobile can check history and has the rights to share.

7All our Products comes with warranty. Minimum order quantity as low as 100 pcs. For more information or to see samples send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website.

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