iBuckyBalls Original Edition D5mm – Pack of 2 (432 Pieces)

One of the great benefits of your iBuckyballs is the ability it has to alleviate stress. The power of the iBuckyballs to banish stress is innate within its construction, 216 individual magnetic spheres make up your iBuckyballs and give it properties unlike any other item on earth. Like many other stress relief devices on the market, your iBuckyballs can be manipulated, mangled, crushed and distorted to ease your mood. Your iBuckyballs sets itself apart from other stress relief devices in many ways, such as your ability to completely rend the iBuckyballs apart and put it seamlessly together again. As you knead the iBuckyballs in your hands makes an a very soothing audible knack much like a never ending piece of bubble wrap. Another way the iBuckyballs excels at stress relief is the unique tactile sensation that only the iBuckyballs can offer.


BrandSTIK range of iBuckyBalls comes with various features,

  • Material : Metal.
  • Age Group : 156 month to 720 month.
  • Skillset : Analysis & Critical Thinking, Attention Span Building, Creativity & Imagination, Problem Solving.
  • Type : 3D Puzzles.
  • Ideal for : Boys and Girls.
  • Material : Metal.

In The Box

  • Pack of 2 set contains 216 D 5mm Powerful rare earth magnets.
  • Manual.


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