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New Joinee Kit for Danalitic’s new Interns

BrandSTIK created a New Joinee Kit to welcome aboard Danalitics an crafting intelligent AI platform companies excellent new interns to their team. The Kit in Black and white theme consists of Collar T-shirt, Bottle, White Ceramic Mug, Reusable Face Mask, Sanitizer, Diary, Pen and Welcome Card. The products were nicely packed in a box with brand name and brand logo on each products.

New Joinee Kit

Here our the Merchandise included in the New Joinee Kit:

1.) Sipper Bottle: This 750ml Black Bottle with silver tight lid was created for Danalitic with their brand logo and brand name.

Bottle Danalitic brandstik

2.) Collar T-shirt: BrandSTIK developed this white Collar t-shirt for Danalitic Company with their brand name and logo. Tailored in cotton, this polo t-shirt is light in weight and will keep you at ease all day long. This short sleeves textured polo t-shirt and regular fit will give your attire a structured design.

collar t-shirt Danalitic brandstik

3.) White Ceramic Mug: A good promotional product is like a piece of art that speaks about your brand. Consider these custom Basic C Handle Ceramic Mugs a blank canvas, ready for your marketing masterpiece. These bright, white, clean mugs made a great impression for Danalitic interns!

ceramic mug Danalitic brandstik

4.) Zero Risque Face Mask: This was developed with Danalitic brand name and logo printed on the mask. The mask provides utmost comfort to the wearer even after wearing for long duration. Its unique ergonomics allows increased comfort & protection. The combination of mask & headband ensures that there is no discomfort behind ears even after wearing for long duration. The mask construction & treatment makes it water repellent & splash resistant.

face mask Danalitic brandstik

5.) Hand Sanitizer: Healing Touch Hand Sanitizer is enriched with Lemon essential oil which is a natural cleanser. It is an excellent antiseptic and has refreshing and cooling properties.

Sanitizer Danalitic brandstik

6.) Promotional Diary: The Notebook Diary was customized with Brand Logo and Brand Name to motivate their employees. This Best Selling journal diary/notebook has a cardboard bound cover with rounded corners With it’s pen loop and elastic closure, satin bookmark, it’s the perfect way to keep your thoughts together on the go!

diary Danalitic brandstik

7.) Promotional Pen: A classic with a click The most iconic silhouette now comes with a quick, east twist. The twist offers the same smooth lines and slender grip.. Instead, just twist to express yourself.

pen Danalitic brandstik

8.) Packaging: The products were nicely packed in a brown carton box with Brand logo and Brand Name printed on the box.

packaging Danalitic brandstik new joinee kit packaging Danalitic brandstik

To order your own customized New Joining Kit, contact us at or contact Veena on +91 9594070940.

Visit our Website for more Ideas: , our Range of Welcome kits

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