Case Study : Milton Electron Containers Lunch Box for SKF

Case Study : Milton Electron Containers Lunch Box for SKF

BrandSTIK customized a Milton Electron Containers Lunch Box for SKF. Detachable Electric Cord to Heat Food Anywhere, What sets the Milton Electron tiffin set apart from the others is its unique engineering. It is the perfect example of how a product is designed to cater to individual needs. It comes with an electric cord that can be plugged in to get hot food anywhere within 45 minutes. Plug in the electric cord into a socket and get hot and delicious food every day. The electric cord can be stowed away and is required only when heating the contents. Sturdy Design for Durability and Ease of Use, The Milton Electron is made of thermosteel which keeps your food safe and hot. The exterior is made of virgin plastic with three stainless steel containers inside. This helps you carry different food items at the same time. The tiffin box comes with a sturdy belt to carry it with ease. The lid fits snugly to retain the temperature of the food. The container is compact enough to carry along while travelling. Safety Auto Cut-off Feature to Avoid Burning, The best feature of the Milton Electron tiffin box is its 45-minute auto cut-off feature that prevents the food from getting burnt. This also ensures that the food once heated stays warm for a considerable amount of time. The exterior can be cleaned using a damp cotton cloth while the stainless steel containers can be washed using traditional methods of cleaning.

Milton Electron Containers Lunch Box for SKFThe Milton Electron 3 Containers Lunch Box is the ideal example of a product designed specially to cater to the needs of people who like a hot meal. The Milton Electron Lunch Box is one of the few lunch boxes that comes with an electric cord which can be plugged in to heat up its contents.

This lunch box is made of thermosteel that keeps your food safe, and is quite durable. The outer covering is made of virgin plastic, and the lunch box is ideally suited for people who do not have access to a microwave oven. There are three stainless steel containers inside the lunch box, so you can carry various food items in one container.

The detachable cord can be stowed away, to be used only when the food requires heating. All you need to do is to plug in the cord and your food will be hot in about 45 minutes to 1 hour. The total power consumption is only about 70 watts.

The product weighs about 1.1 kg and its dimensions are 158 x 210 mm. With a compact design, this lunchbox is a useful container to transport food. Caution should be exercised while heating, and it should not be immersed in water.

BrandSTIK range of Milton Electron Containers Lunch Box comes with various features,

  • It has a 45 minute auto cut-off feature and has shock-proof body.
  • Simply plug it in to get a steaming hot, home-made meal in 30 minutes, The chord is detachable.
  • Color : Grey. Belt color may vary.
  • Package Contents: 1-Piece Milton Electron 3 Tiffin set, 300 ml Each.
  • Has 3 stainless steel containers.
  • Is made of thermosteel and the exterior is made of virgin plastic.
  • Comes with a detachable cord that can be plugged in to heat food.
  • Takes about an hour to heat your food.
  • Is available in grey colour.

Develop one for your brand for MOQ as low as 100 pcs. As a business gift Lunch Boxes are wonderful product. Enhance your brand image, Excellent quality corporate premium. Great gifts for any occasion/event. All our Products comes with warranty. For more information or to see samples send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website.

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