Diwali Gift Boxes and Hampers: Ignite the Festive Spirit with BrandSTIK’s WowBOX Collection

Diwali, the festival of lights and joy, is a time to spread happiness and warmth among loved ones. And what better way to celebrate this festive occasion than with thoughtfully curated Diwali gift boxes and hampers? BrandSTIK brings you the extraordinary WowBOX collection, a celebration of traditions, flavors, and modern delights. Let’s explore the different WowBOX options that promise to add an extra spark to your Diwali festivities.

1. WowBOX Diwali Delight

Kick off the festivities with the elegant WowBOX Diwali Delight. This box features a tantalizing combination of a 50g almond jar, a 50g cashew jar, and a brass metal Diya in the shape of a lotus, all beautifully presented in an exclusive artwork premium box. Illuminate the season with this classic choice that’s sure to delight your loved ones.

2. WowBOX Traditional Treasures

Embrace the richness of tradition with the WowBOX Traditional Treasures. This hamper includes a 50g almond jar, a 50g cashew jar, two 50g chocolate jars, and two brass metal lotus Diyas, all nestled in an exquisite premium box. Celebrate the essence of Diwali with this opulent assortment.

3. WowBOX Sparkling Surprises

Unveil a world of surprises with the WowBOX Sparkling Surprises. It boasts a decorative set of two ceramic Diyas, Rooh Kewda incense sticks, Cowveda Ubtan Gomay soap, a premium jute potli with 50g cashews, Choco Hazelnut Ladoo, and more. Complete with an exclusive artwork premium box, this hamper is a true embodiment of festive delight.

4. WowBOX Aromatic Bliss

Indulge in aromatic bliss with the WowBOX Aromatic Bliss. It includes a brass metal Diya, Rooh Kewda incense sticks, IRIS vaporizer oil, Camphor cone, Hoppilo dry fruit barfi, and a thank you card. Encased in an exclusive artwork premium box, this hamper spreads a fragrant joy this Diwali.

5. WowBOX Eco Aroma Kit

Go eco-friendly with the WowBOX Eco Aroma Kit. It features a coffee husk mug, decorative diyas, Cowveda Ubtan Gomay soap, a mosaic glass candle holder, Hoppilo dry fruit barfi, Loyka almond brittle, and more. All packaged in an exclusive artwork premium box, this hamper reflects your commitment to nature.

6. WowBOX Illuminated Joy

Experience illuminated joy with the WowBOX Illuminated Joy. It includes decorative Diyas, a mosaic glass candle holder, Mysore Sandalwood incense cones, Loyka almond brittle, Choco Dates, Camphor cone, IRIS vaporizer oil, and more. Capture the essence of Diwali in this radiant hamper.

7. WowBOX Eco Chanting Box

Invoke eco-consciousness with the WowBOX Eco Chanting Box. This box offers eco-friendly cow dung Diyas, a petal-cut candle holder, a coffee husk mug, Oud Dhoop sticks, Almonds, Eat Better Chocolate Almonds, and IRIS vaporizer oil, all presented in an exclusive artwork premium box.

8. WowBOX Festive Radiance Hamper

Radiate festive joy with the WowBOX Festive Radiance Hamper. It comprises ceramic Diyas, an Urban Borne candle holder, a Camphor cone, Oud Dhoop sticks, Cowveda Ubtan Gomay soap, snackable delights, IRIS vaporizer oil, and an exclusive artwork premium box.

9. WowBOX Illuminating Festive Treats

Illuminate the festive season with the WowBOX Illuminating Festive Treats. Indulge in Hoppilo dry fruit barfi, Open Secret immunity-boosting cookies, Loyka Choco Dates, &stirred goodies, Fig Almond Conserve, Ferrero Rocher, and Tea Culture assorted tea bags, all elegantly presented in an exclusive artwork premium box.

10. WowBOX Gourmet Delights

Savor gourmet pleasures with the WowBOX Gourmet Delights. Relish Open Secret cookies, Loyka Almond Brittle, Snackable Coconut Chikki, Eat Better Chocolate Cashew, Fig Almond Conserve, Tea Culture assorted tea bags, Yoga Bar, and more. Enjoy the sophisticated flavors within this exquisite premium box.

11. WowBOX Taste and Tunes

Combine taste and tunes with the WowBOX Taste and Tunes. It includes an Infinity JBL Fuze Pint speaker, Eat Better Chocolate Almond, Himalayan Honey Twigs, Choco Hazelnut Ladoo, Diyas, Loyka Almond Brittle, Coconut Chikki, Yoga Bar, and other delectable treats, all housed in an exclusive artwork premium box.

12. WowBOX Gourmet Power Pack

Empower your festivities with the WowBOX Gourmet Power Pack. This hamper includes a Portronics Power Brick II 10000 mAh Power Bank, along with a tempting assortment of goodies, Diyas, and an exclusive artwork premium box.

13. WowBOX Gourmet Tech Delight Kit

Combine gourmet pleasures with tech delights in the WowBOX Gourmet Tech Delight Kit. It features a Noise Smart Watch, delectable treats, Diyas, and an exclusive artwork premium box.

14. WowBOX Melodic Indulgence

Indulge in melodies with the WowBOX Melodic Indulgence. Revel in Boat Ear Earbuds with Mic, Loyka Almond Brittle, and an exclusive artwork premium box.

15. WowBOX Luxe Elegance

Embrace luxury and elegance with the WowBOX Luxe Elegance. It includes an Amazon Eco Dot 4, BLUEBERRY DRAGEES, and a large metal candle holder, all presented in an exclusive artwork premium box with custom packaging.


At BrandSTIK, we take gifting to a whole new level with our WowBOX Diwali Delight collection. Each hamper is a testament to our commitment to quality, aesthetics, and innovation. Elevate your gifting experience and make this Diwali a truly memorable one for your loved ones. And remember, even our shipping boxes are customized to ensure a delightful unboxing experience. Happy Diwali!



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