Diwali hampers under rs 1000

A Budget-Friendly Diwali: BrandSTIK’s Hampers Under 1000 INR

The festival of Diwali, celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm across India, brings with it an aura of joy, togetherness, and gratitude. It’s a time when families, friends, and businesses come together to exchange gifts and warm wishes. This Diwali, BrandSTIK is here to make your celebrations even more special with a range of thoughtfully curated Diwali Hampers, all within the budget-friendly range of 500-1000 INR. Let’s explore these delightful kits that are perfect for expressing your appreciation to clients, employees, and partners.


1. BrandSTIK Aromatic Bliss

BrandSTIK’s Aromatic Bliss Diwali Hamper is a sensory delight that captures the essence of Diwali. This kit includes a Brass Metal Diya, Rooh Kewda Incense Sticks, IRIS Vaporizer Oil, Camphor Cone (60 grams), Hoppilo Dryfruit Barfi, and a thank you card, all elegantly presented in an Exclusive Artwork Premium Box. The warm glow of the Diya, the soothing aroma of incense, and the sweet taste of dry fruit barfi combine to create an unforgettable Diwali experience.


2. BrandSTIK Sparkling Surprises

Sparkling Surprises is a Diwali Hamper designed to add a touch of elegance to your festivities. This kit includes two decorative diyas, a Ceramic Diya Box, Rooh Kewda Incense Sticks, Cowveda Ubtan Gomay Soap, premium Jute Potli filled with Cashews (50 grams), Eat Better Choco Hazelnut Ladoo, a thank you card and an Exclusive Artwork Premium Box. It’s a symphony of light, fragrance, and flavor that will leave a lasting impression.


3. SF Festive Radiance Hamper

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly Diwali gifting option, the SF Festive Radiance Hamper is an excellent choice. This kit includes a Coffee Husk Mug without a box, a Tic Tac Toe game set, a Wheat Straw Bowl, an eco-friendly Cow Dung Diya Set of 2, a thank you card, and it all comes in smaller footprint packaging. It’s a sustainable yet delightful way to celebrate the festival.


4. BrandSTIK Eco Aroma Kit

The Eco Aroma Kit from BrandSTIK combines the goodness of eco-consciousness with the pleasures of Diwali gifting. This kit includes a Coffee Husk Mug without a box, two decorative ceramic diyas in a box, Cowveda Ubtan Gomay Soap, a Mosaic Glass Candle Holder, Hoppilo Dryfruit Barfi, Loyka Almond Brittle (1 piece), a thank you card, and an Exclusive Artwork Premium Box. It’s a perfect blend of eco-friendly and aromatic delights.


5. BrandSTIK Diwali Delights

BrandSTIK Diwali Hamper - Diwali Delights

Last but not least, the Diwali Delights Hamper by BrandSTIK is a classic choice for those who appreciate the simplicity and elegance of traditional Diwali gifts. This kit includes Almond and Cashew Jars (50 grams each), a Brass Metal Diya in the shape of a lotus, and an Exclusive Artwork Premium Box. It’s a timeless way to convey your warm wishes and gratitude during the festival.


In conclusion, BrandSTIK’s Diwali Hampers offer a wide range of choices, ensuring there’s something for everyone. These thoughtfully curated hampers not only fit your budget but also reflect the spirit of Diwali – the festival of lights, love, and sharing. Whether you opt for the Aromatic Bliss, Sparkling Surprises, Festive Radiance, Eco Aroma, or Diwali Delights, you’re sure to make this Diwali season memorable for your clients, employees, and partners. Enquire these hampers today and let the festivities begin!


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