Unveiling the Top 10 Trendiest Welcome Kits of 2024: Elevate Your Onboarding Experience with BrandSTIK’s Customized Delights!

In the dynamic landscape of corporate culture, the art of welcoming new employees has evolved into a thoughtful ritual aimed at fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation from day one. As companies strive to make a lasting impression, BrandSTIK emerges as the beacon of bespoke corporate gifting, offering a plethora of customized products adorned with company logos and names. Let’s embark on a journey through the top 10 best new employee welcome kits and onboarding kits curated by BrandSTIK in 2024, promising to set the stage for a promising tenure ahead.


1. Masai’s Marvelous Beginnings Kit: Dive into the world of Masai with a delightful ensemble featuring a diary, pen, bottle, a captivating novel, and a warm welcome card, all housed in a charming customized box. All nestled within a charming customized box, topped with a warm welcome card. Welcome kit for Masai by BrandSTIK awaits!



2. Billdesk’s Welcome Symphony: Embrace the Billdesk culture with a chic black ceramic mug, a trendy t-shirt, a diary, a pen, and an elegant customized box, setting the tone for a seamless onboarding journey. Welcome kit for Billdesk, making your integration seamless and memorable.


3. ETG’s Adventure Awaits Kit: Embark on a journey with ETG’s comprehensive kit comprising a travel backpack, t-shirt, travel mug, sipper, neckband, pen, black leather diary, laptop sleeve, and a sustainable jute bag. the perfect welcome kit for ETG travelers ready to embrace the world.


4. Assurecare’s Assurance Ensemble: Instill confidence in new recruits with Assurecare’s inclusive kit featuring a diary, pen, bottle, welcome card, headphone, keychain, badges, and travel mug, all neatly packed in a customized box. Elevate the onboarding experience and set the stage for success with Assurecare’s comprehensive welcome kit.


5. SRF’s Refreshing Welcome Package: SRF welcomes talents with a refreshing touch, offering a bottle, pen, diary, scroll, and a customized box, ensuring a rejuvenating start to their journey. Each item is chosen to inspire and support the incoming members, setting the stage for success and growth within SRF’s dynamic environment. Welcome kit for SRF.

6. PDI’s Professional Essentials Kit: Each welcome kit for PDI includes a sleek laptop bag, a premium diary for organized note-taking, a durable water bottle for hydration on-the-go, a personalized welcome card, a classy wooden coaster, and a branded pen, ensuring they start their journey with everything they need. Corporate gifting with BrandSTIK ensures new hires at PDI are equipped with essential tools, reflecting the company’s commitment to professionalism.


7. Aditya Birla’s Tech Savvy Kit: Embrace innovation with Aditya Birla’s tech-infused kit featuring earphones, a ceramic mug, a temperature bottle, a pen, and a diary, all housed in a sleek customized box. Embrace innovation and sophistication with this meticulously crafted welcome kit for Aditya Birla.

8. Delhivery’s Farewell Kit: Bid adieu with gratitude using Delhivery’s thoughtful farewell kit comprising a desk mat, mouse pad, symbolic truck model, travel mugs, and multifunctional diary, all packed in a customized box. Welcome kit for Delhivery embodies the same ethos, showcasing appreciation in every detail. Trust BrandSTIK for distinctive corporate gifting experiences.

9. IVAS’s Power-packed Welcome Arsenal: Empower new talents with IVAS’s comprehensive kit boasting a diary, degree bottle, welcome card, pen, coasters, small speaker, power bank, and a customized box. Welcome kit for IVAS, designed to inspire and empower new team members.


10. Cognida’s Smart Start Kit: Kickstart the journey with Cognida’s smart kit featuring a tiffin, headphones, a diary, smartwatch, a coffee travel mug, a sipper, a pen, and a personalized box. Elevate your corporate relationships with this exceptional welcome kit for Cognida.

Special Mentions – Sustainable Collection


1. VIP’s Eco-friendly Essentials: Embrace sustainability with VIP’s bamboo bottle, pen, and diary, all packaged in an environmentally friendly customized box.

2. GlobalLogic Academics’ Nature’s Touch Kit: Connect with nature through GlobalLogic Academics’ kit featuring a laptop sleeve, cork diary, pen, steel flask, and a wooden rotating calendar.

3. SBI Ideation’s Green Initiatives Kit: Promote eco-consciousness with SBI Ideation’s kit comprising a paper bag, pen, coffee husk mug, and jute laptop sleeve, encapsulating their commitment to a greener future.

With BrandSTIK’s exquisite range of customized products, companies can redefine the onboarding experience, leaving a lasting impression on new recruits while reinforcing their brand identity and values. Welcome to the future of corporate gifting, where every gesture speaks volumes!


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