BrandSTIK Success Story: Top 3 Welcome Kits of January

Corporate gifting has always been an effective way to express gratitude, foster goodwill, and create lasting impressions. At BrandSTIK, we take pride in crafting customized welcome kits that not only reflect the values and ethos of a company but also leave a lasting impact on recipients. In January, we had the pleasure of collaborating with three esteemed organizations – Aditya Birla, Assurecare, and PDI – to create unique and personalized welcome kits for their employees. Let’s delve into the details of each kit and the success they brought:


1. Aditya Birla Welcome Kit:


For Aditya Birla, one of India’s leading conglomerates, we curated a sophisticated welcome kit that exuded elegance and functionality. Customized with the company’s name and logo, the kit comprised essential items such as a Temperature Bottle to stay hydrated on the go, a sleek Black Diary for jotting down notes, a Customized Pen for effortless writing, a White Ceramic Mug for refreshing beverages, and Earphones for immersive audio experiences. These carefully selected products were presented in a customized box, making the welcome experience memorable and impactful for Aditya Birla’s employees.


2. Assurecare Welcome Kit:


Assurecare, a trusted name in the healthcare industry, sought a welcome kit that reflected its commitment to excellence and care. Our team collaborated closely with Assurecare to create a welcome kit tailored to their brand identity. The kit featured essentials like a Travel Mug for convenience during busy schedules, Headphones for relaxation and focus, Customized Badges and Keychains to instill a sense of belonging, a White Pen and Diary for organization, a Sipper for staying hydrated, and a Welcome Card to extend warm greetings. This comprehensive kit resonated with Assurecare’s values of quality and compassion, making new employees feel valued and appreciated from day one.


3. PDI Welcome Kit:



PDI, a global leader in infection prevention products and solutions, entrusted us with designing a welcome kit that reflected their commitment to innovation and excellence. We curated a sleek and professional kit customized with PDI’s name and logo. The kit included essentials such as a Laptop Bag for convenience and mobility, a Diary for jotting down important notes, a Bottle for staying hydrated throughout the day, a White Pen for effortless writing, a Welcome Card for warm greetings, and Wooden Coasters for adding a touch of sophistication to workspaces. This meticulously crafted kit not only welcomed new employees to the PDI family but also showcased the company’s dedication to quality and professionalism.


The collaboration between BrandSTIK and these esteemed organizations resulted in the creation of impactful and memorable welcome kits that set the tone for a positive employee experience. Through customized branding and carefully selected products, these kits successfully communicated the values and ethos of each company, leaving a lasting impression on recipients. As we continue to partner with organizations worldwide, we remain committed to delivering innovative and personalized solutions that elevate the corporate gifting experience.


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