Farewell Moments: BrandSTIK’s Premium Gift Set for Delhivery’s CXO-Level Representative

In the realm of corporate farewells, Delhivery entrusted BrandSTIK with the task of creating an exquisite gift experience for a CXO-level management representative. Recognizing the significance of the occasion, BrandSTIK rose to the challenge, crafting a premium gift set that seamlessly blended aesthetics, utility, and branding to ensure a truly memorable farewell.

A Memorable Farewell Kit:

  • Deer Suction Bottle: The farewell kit kicked off with a distinctive Deer Suction Bottle, symbolizing grace and fluidity, a perfect embodiment of the departing executive’s journey.

  • Power Folio Diary: Adding a touch of sophistication, the Power Folio Diary was included, providing a canvas for the recipient to jot down thoughts and plans for the future.

  • Custom Truck Shaped Trophy: The pièce de résistance came in the form of a Custom Truck Shaped Trophy, uniquely designed to symbolize the executive’s impactful journey at Delhivery, serving as a lasting memento.

  • Bundle Trio: Premium Leatherite Desk Mat, Mouse Pad, and Foldable Desk Organiser Tray: To enhance the recipient’s workspace, a Bundle Trio of Premium Leatherite Desk Mat, Mouse Pad, and Foldable Desk Organiser Tray was curated, blending functionality with a touch of luxury.


Crafted for Excellence:

  • Aesthetics: Each element in the farewell kit was carefully selected not only for its functionality but also for its visual appeal. The premium aesthetics reflected Delhivery’s commitment to excellence.
  • Utility: Understanding the practical needs of a CXO, the kit seamlessly integrated items that would enhance daily work life, ensuring each item served a purpose.
  • Branding: Branded elements were subtly woven into the farewell kit, reinforcing Delhivery’s identity and leaving a lasting impression on the recipient.



BrandSTIK’s commitment to crafting exceptional farewell experiences was exemplified through the development of this premium gift set for Delhivery’s esteemed CXO-level representative. Beyond a mere collection of items, the farewell kit symbolized the appreciation for the executive’s contributions and served as a token of gratitude for the journey shared.


In every element, from the symbolic Deer Suction Bottle to the personalized Custom Truck Shaped Trophy, BrandSTIK curated a farewell kit that spoke volumes. Elevate your farewell moments with BrandSTIK, where every goodbye is transformed into an unforgettable experience.


Elevate your corporate gifting strategy with BrandSTIK – where thoughtful gestures meet unparalleled craftsmanship.


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