BrandSTIK SpotLIGHT: January Edition for Exceptional Corporate Gifting Insights

Welcome to a new era of corporate gifting excellence with BrandSTIK! We are thrilled to introduce BrandSTIK SpotLIGHT, our exclusive monthly newsletter designed to give you a VIP pass to the world of extraordinary corporate gifting. Each issue is packed with captivating visuals, innovative product showcases, and insights into our latest projects, making it your ultimate source of inspiration and the art of thoughtful gifting.


Dive into the Jan Issue: A Glimpse of Excellence


Our inaugural edition of BrandSTIK SpotLIGHT for January is now available for you to view and download. This issue is a celebration of creativity, uniqueness, and sustainability, featuring some of our best work in welcome kits, unique merchandise, and eco-friendly product choices.



Discover Exceptional Welcome Kits


In the Jan issue, we showcase our expertise in crafting outstanding welcome kits that leave a lasting impression. From personalized items to carefully curated packages, our welcome kits redefine the art of making a statement. Whether you are welcoming new employees, clients, or partners, BrandSTIK has the perfect solution to make every welcome memorable.


Explore Unique Merchandise


BrandSTIK SpotLIGHT highlights the power of unique merchandise as a means of corporate expression. We take you on a visual journey through some of our most innovative merchandise projects, demonstrating how we turn ideas into tangible, branded items that distinctively tell your company’s story.


Embrace Sustainability with Thoughtful Choices


Our Jan issue of BrandSTIK SpotLIGHT showcases a range of Smaller Footprint Co. eco-friendly products crafted from bamboo, coconut, cork, canvas, jute, rice husk, and coffee husk. A highlight in our sustainable lineup is the latest addition – Bamboo blend apparel, certified for its environmental responsibility. By incorporating these materials into our offerings, we aim to redefine corporate gifting with products that not only impress but also leave a good footprint on our planet.


Stay Ahead with New Arrivals


BrandSTIK SpotLIGHT keeps you on the cutting edge of corporate gifting trends with a sneak peek into our new arrivals. Be the first to explore the latest additions to our product catalog, ensuring your gifts are always ahead of the curve and leave a lasting impression on your recipients.


Welcome Aboard! New Clients Onboarded


We are excited to introduce the new additions to the BrandSTIK family. Our Jan issue features a warm welcome to the clients who have recently joined us on this journey of creating exceptional gifting experiences. Learn more about the diverse industries we serve and the unique challenges we tackle to exceed our clients’ expectations.


Connect with BrandSTIK for a World of Corporate Gifting Excellence


To explore more, connect with us at +91 9594070940 or +91 9167373749, or drop us an email at Let us elevate your corporate gifting experience with our expertise, creativity, and commitment to excellence.


BrandSTIK SpotLIGHT is your monthly invitation to explore the limitless possibilities of corporate gifting. Join us in shaping the future of thoughtful and impactful business gestures. Download the Jan issue now and get ready for a journey into the extraordinary world of BrandSTIK corporate gifting!



I am content Specialist with BrandSTIK and write about new product launches and generally everything around merchandise.

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