Twister-Promotional Pen Drives

Twister-Promotional Pen Drives

Add a twist to your promotion! with these latest Twister- Promotional Pen Drives! BrandSTIK  introduces a range of Twister – Promotional Pen Drives.

 Twister Pen Drives BrandSTIK

The Twister – Promotional Pen Drive is the unsung hero of the USB Memory Stick world and by far our most popular model. The main reasons for this are; no cap to lose and that we can pantone match the body of the memory stick to match the logo colour – it looks fantastic! These memory sticks also allow you to rotate the metal clip around 360-degree. The metal clips them selves our also available in a variety of colours and finishes


Twister Pen Drives come in 4,8,16, 32 GB capacity and can be done in pantone matched colours.

Twister Pen Drive BrandSTIK

Now you can even personalize individual names on these pen drives through laser engraving for higher impact.

Twister Pen Drive BrandSTIK

Varied packing options such as paper box, plastic box and metal boxes are possible.

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