Water Power Clock

Water Power Clock

We at BrandSTIK are constantly looking for products that create a wow effect for customers. The Water Powered Clock qualifies for this honor. It’s an amazing amalgamation of engineering and science. We are talking about a desktop clock that runs purely on water. Yes, 100% on natural power. No batteries, no chemicals, no electricity


No need to replace those batteries as long as you fill water the clock will not stop ticking.  The Water Clock is made up of transparent ABS plastic with a silver metallic lid. It displays Time and date function with large fonts.

Operating the water clock is child play. Just open the cover and add water into the container before using it. Be sure to keep the water  at  water warning level line.  Once water added the screen will show the time after a few minutes. When the display fades add more water to the container to maintain its normal operation. Once water added it can work for 5-7 weeks.

Water Powered Clock

Water clock is great for those who would like to give a eco friendly merchandise as a souvenir to their clients

BrandSTIK provides custom branding on the water clock with up to 4 colour logo imprint. Its currently available in red and blue colour with turnaround of under a week


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