BrandSTIK’s Comprehensive Solution for the Mahindra Logistics Welcome Kit

When Mahindra Logistics sought to create a Welcome Kit that would embody their commitment to diversity and inclusion, BrandSTIK stepped up to provide a holistic solution. From the inception of the idea to the final delivery, BrandSTIK managed the entire process seamlessly, ensuring that each component of the Mahindra Logistics Welcome Kit was a masterpiece in its own right

1. Creative Design and Customization


  • Design Expertise: BrandSTIK’s creative team collaborated with Mahindra Logistics to conceptualize a unique Welcome Kit that would exemplify their commitment to diversity and inclusion.
  • Customization: The team created custom designs for the Welcome Kit components, making each one distinct and meaningful.

2. Sourcing and Procurement:


  • Global Network: BrandSTIK leveraged its extensive global network of suppliers and manufacturers to source high-quality products that met Mahindra Logistics’ specifications.
  • Eco-Friendly Options: For the eco-conscious Mahindra Logistics, sustainable materials were sourced for the plantable Pen and Pencil combo and Jute bags, in line with their sustainability goals.

3. In-House Printing:

  • Advanced Printing Facilities: BrandSTIK boasts state-of-the-art in-house printing facilities equipped to handle various branding requirements. This ensured that each component was impeccably branded with the Mahindra Logistics logo and LGBTQ flag colors.
  • Quality Control: In-house printing allowed for strict quality control, ensuring that every detail met the highest standards.

4. Assembly and Packaging:

  • Skilled Workforce: BrandSTIK’s skilled team of professionals meticulously assembled and packaged the Welcome Kits, taking care to arrange the components thoughtfully.
  • Personalization: The personalized welcome cards and value books were added with care, creating a memorable and warm welcome experience.

The Products in the Mahindra Logistics Welcome Kit:


  • Borosil Trek Bottle with LGBTQ Flag Colors Strap: This eye-catching Borosil Trek Bottle featured the Mahindra Logistics logo and a strap adorned with the vibrant colors of the LGBTQ flag. It served as the centerpiece of the kit, symbolizing Mahindra Logistics’ commitment to celebrating diversity.


  • Plantable Pen and Pencil Combo: The eco-friendly pen and pencil combo was more than just writing instruments; they were an embodiment of growth. After use, these items could be planted, reinforcing the idea that, like the plants they could nurture, employees at Mahindra Logistics could grow and thrive.


  • Custom Diary with Full Printing: The custom diary was a canvas of inspiration. It showcased the LGBTQ flag colors and Mahindra team values message, reminding employees of the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.


  • Welcome Card and Value Book: A personalized welcome card and a value book conveyed warmth and a deep sense of belonging. The value book served as a guide, outlining the company’s core values, including diversity and inclusion, which employees were encouraged to embrace.


  • Jute Bag with Logo and Welcome Message: The Welcome Kit was thoughtfully packed in an eco-friendly Jute bag, featuring the company logo and a warm welcome message, aligning with Mahindra Logistics’ commitment to sustainability.


5. Timely Delivery:


  • Logistics Expertise: BrandSTIK’s logistics experts managed the delivery process, ensuring that the Welcome Kits reached Mahindra Logistics in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Safe and Secure Handling: The kits were handled with utmost care during transportation, safeguarding their integrity.


By managing every step of the process in-house, from design and sourcing to printing and delivery, BrandSTIK ensured that the Mahindra Logistics Welcome Kit was a cohesive and exceptional product. The result was a Welcome Kit that not only celebrated diversity and inclusion but also represented Mahindra Logistics’ brand values with the highest quality and attention to detail.


To explore how BrandSTIK can create and deliver customized gifting solutions that align with your brand’s values, please contact us at +91 9594070940 or We are committed to turning your vision into a reality, just as we did for Mahindra Logistics.


I am content Specialist with BrandSTIK and write about new product launches and generally everything around merchandise.

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