Welcome to the Family: BrandSTIK’s Creative Ideas for Making Your Welcome Kit Stand Out

When a new employee joins your organization, the first impression is crucial. A well-designed welcome kit can create a lasting impression and set the tone for the employee’s experience. This is where BrandSTIK, a corporate gifting company, comes into the picture. With their creative and unique welcome kit ideas, they can make your new hires feel special and welcomed.

Here are some of BrandSTIK’s creative ideas for making your welcome kit stand out:

1. Personalized Kits: Personalized welcome kits can create an immediate connection with the new employee. Adding the employee’s name, photo, and personalized message can make them feel valued and appreciated.

Here is the customized kit we developed for Aurum employees, which consisted of a Borosil Trek Bottle, a Duro Steel Mug, a diary, and a magnetic pen. Each product was presented in an individual box and had the company logo and the employee’s name engraved on each product. These were delivered to the residences of the employees.

2. Branded Merchandise: Branded merchandise like pens, notebooks, and mugs with your company’s logo can create a sense of belonging and pride for the new employee.

6 sense premium onboarding kit

Here is the customized kit we developed for 6 Sense, which consisted of a Hoodie Jacket, a Sipper Bottle, a premium diary, a Welcome card, and a pen with a box. Each product was presented in an individual box and had the company logo printed on each product.

The same goes with ICICI bank welcome kit, where we curated the essential starter pack with our best selling premia bottle, diary with a custom message, and pen in a glossy box with the Company logo.

3. Health and Wellness Kits: In the current pandemic situation, health and wellness are paramount. A kit with essentials like sanitizers, masks, and immunity boosters can show that the company values its employee’s well-being.

Amdocs welcome kit BrandSTIK

The Essential kit for Amdocs consisted of a Premia Bottle, Diary, pen, welcome card, and a few immunity-boosting products such as the nutty grities mom’s superfoods mix consisting of nuts.

This was a kit we developed during the pandemic for Oaknorth Global Employees consisting of Nutty Gritties Sports mix, Ayush kwath, Honey twigs, Smoor Wellness Bar – Giloy, Turmeric Ashwaganda Tea, packed in a white box and shipped to employees.

4. Tech Gadgets: For tech-savvy employees, a welcome kit with innovative gadgets like wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers, or smartwatches can be a hit.

Premium Welcome Kit Schlesinger BrandSTIK

Here is the customized kit we developed for Schlesinger, which consisted of a portable Infiniti mini speaker, a MI Power bank with a Borosil trek bottle, a diary, a Welcome card, and a pen with a box. Each product was presented in an individual box and had the company logo, with the company message printed on each product.

Whereas the kit we developed for People Interactive ( consisted of a palm-sized power bank and Desk Lamp with Diary, Sipper, a pen, and a welcome card in the top bottom box printed with company branding.

5. Desk Accessories: Desk accessories like desk organizers, stress balls, or plants can not only be useful but can also add a touch of greenery to the office.

Global-logic Kit consisted of high-end quality Laptop Stand Desk accessories in their welcome kit with stickers, a diary, pen, borosil trek bottle, and welcome scroll in a custom box with company branding.

These are just a few of the creative ideas that BrandSTIK offers to make your welcome kit stand out. With their expertise in corporate gifting, they can tailor-make the kits according to your brand and budget. Remember, a well-designed welcome kit can be the start of a long and fruitful relationship with your new employee. So, welcome them in style with BrandSTIK’s creative ideas.

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