Sports Merchandise

Sports Merchandise

BrandSTIK Presents, Sports Merchandise…

Low Cost Giveaway’s

1) Mini Cricket Ball

Mini Keychain Ball2) Banner Pen :

Banner Pens3) Bat and Ball Keychain :Bat and Ball Keychain4) Mini Cricket Ball Keychain

Picture15) Sippers

Cricket Themed Sippers6) Bat Keychain :

Bat Keychain7) Bat Keychain

Bat Keychain8) Ball Keychain :

Ball Keychain9) Ball Keychain :Ball Keychain110) Ball KeychainBall Keychain2

11) Metal Card Holder With Cricket Ball Keychain

Metal Card Holder with Cricket Ball Keychain12) Miniature Cricket Bat :

Miniature Cricket Bat13) Engraved Cricket Bat Award :

Engraved Cricket Bat Award14) Custom Stress Ball : 

dsda15) Smash Coasters

unnamed (3)

16) Bat Ball Shape Lapel Pins

a17) Metal BatBat18) Figurines

aa19) Lanyard :

aghdg20) Ceramic Mugsasdsd


Stadium Giveaway’s 

1) Customized T-Shirts :aa2) Customized Cap

bb3) Foam Cap

download4) Cheer Sticks

dd5) Form Hands

ee6) Fan Wig

ff7) Hooters :

gg8) Cheering Horns

10PCS-Barcelona-Plastic-Fans-Horn-Trumpet-Vuvuzela-Party-Cheering-World-Cup-Column-Caxirola-Football-AirHorn-Clown9) Cheering Hand Flag :

asdsad10) Drawstring Bags :  ffdfdf11) Wrist Sipperdfd

12) Customized Paper Cups :pro_3193367913) PVC Keychains

PVC Keychains14) Ball Shape NotepadBall Shape Notepad15) PVC Wrist Bandwristband-3-1-480x36016) Classic Office MerchandisePicture2

17) Button Buddies132

18) Fridge Magnet Opener457411708319) Normal Wrist Bandcustomwristbands_new2

20) Cotton Wrist Band

Picture121) Headband


Premium Giveaway’s

1) Umbrella With Bat Shaped Holder :

unnamed (6)2) Cherry Red Wall Clock

unnamed (5)3) Desktop Pen Holder

Pen Holder4) Desktop Pen Holder :Pen Holder1

5) Desktop Card Holder :

Desktop Card Holder6) Desktop Clock Cum Memo Holder

Desktop Clock Cum Memo Holder7) Ball Clock 51BtzONVcHL8) Desktop Clock :Desktop Clock

9) Desktop Clock :Desktop Clock1

10) Desktop Clock

Desktop Clock311) Desktop MerchandiseDesktop Clock412) Desktop MerchandiseDesktop Merchandise13) Desktop MerchandiseDesktop Merchandise114) Cricket Trophy

Cricket Trophy15) Cricket Trophy :

a16) Cricket Trophy


17) Rotating Crystal Cube With LED

a18) Bar Set

as19) Desktop Merchandise :

Bat Shaped Pen Stand


Golf Merchandise

1) Wooden Golf Photo Frame : Wooden golf photo frame 4 x 6 size with golf ball clock desktop clock. MOQ : 100 pcs.

2099340-wooden-golf-photo-frame-ball-clock2) Elegant Golf Desktop Set5-Piece Golf Desk Set Includes A Flag Pen, Clock In The “O” of Golf, Place For Sticky Notes, A Paper Clip Compartment Under The Golf Ball and Green Grass & Wooden Base. It makes the perfect office gift for any golf enthusiast. MOQ : 100 pcs.

bg3) Elegant Golf Desktop Set4-Piece Golf Desk Set Includes Mini Golf Ball Shaped Clock, Pen Holder with Pen, Business Card Holder and Green Stand. MOQ : 100 pcs.Elegant-Golf-Desktop-Set-With-Business-Cards-Holder-Golf-Club-Pen-Holder-with-Pen-Golf-Ball-Clock-on-the-Green-A-Golfer-Enthusiasts-Gift-Set-04) Golf Pen Stand : 3-Piece Golf Desk Set Includes Mini Golf Ball Shaped Clock, Pen Holder with Pen, Business Card Holder. MOQ : 100 pcs.1208 GOLF PEN STAND

5) Leather Golf Pen Holder : Unique, stylish and compact leather golf bag shaped, Multi-functional design and built-in a watch for time display, Includes 3 Golf Club Shaped Pens in Black, Blue & Red Ink and one leather golf bag shaped pen holder. MOQ : 100 pcs.

White-Black-Modern-Pen-Holder-Leather-Golf-Design-Built-in-Quartz-Clock-Movement-Analog-Office-Desk6) New Leather Golf Pen Holder : Unique, stylish and compact leather golf bag shaped, Multi-functional design and built-in a watch for time display, Includes 3 Golf Club Shaped Pens in Black, Blue & Red Ink and one leather golf bag shaped pen holder. MOQ : 100 pcs.

NEW GOLF PEN STAND7) Leather Golf SetExecutive Portable Folding Leather Golf Kit Set for you any where you travel u can carry your favorite golf set with you and play. Includes 2 Golf Balls, 3 Section Golf Club, 1 Putting Hole, 1 Case. MOQ : 50 pcs.

dasds8) Metal Golf SetComes with Putter, Target and 2 Golf Balls. Enjoy Your Love and Craze for Golf not only Outdoors but also Indoors with Mini Golf Set with Metal Carrying Kit. It is Simple to use for Learners and a Great Gift Set for Golf Lovers. Now You can Enjoy Golf in Office or at Home in any weather on any time. Its Sleek and Attractive Packing makes it ideal for carrying on business trips or picnics. Easily Fits into Duffle Bag or Bagpack. MOQ : 50 pcs.

METAL-GOLF-SET-Copy-19) Wooden Golf SetCompact, Fine finish, Portable packaging.  Includes 2 Golf Balls, 3 Section Folding Golf Club, 1 Putting Hole, 1 Compact Carry Wooden Case. Its Sleek and Attractive Packing makes it Ideal For Carrying on Business Trips or Picnics. Easily Fits into Duffle Bag or Luggage Bag. MOQ : 50 pcs.

WOODEN GOLF SET (2)10) Golf Shot Glass Drinking Game SetDimensions: 4.75″ H x 15.5″ W x 9.75″ D. Includes 6 shot glasses, 2 metal balls, one plastic flag and 2 golf clubs. MOQ : 50 pcs.

81XfBVt6V+L._SL1500_11) Custom Golf UmbrellasPromotional umbrellas have become increasingly popular and more commonly seen as an outstanding way to promote your company with your own custom logo or message. Come in a variety of bright colors. MOQ : 100 pcs.

ems15-umbrella12) Branded UCB Red Solid Polo T ShirtPerfect your casual look wearing this polo T-shirt from United Colors of Benetton. Made from cotton, this regular-fit T-shirt is a must-have in your wardrobe. Team this stylishly designed T-shirt with denims and sneakers to look jazzy. MOQ : 50 pcs.



Fitness & Wearable

1) UP2 by Jawbone : Activity + Sleep Tracker, Light Grey Hex (Silver), Classic Flat StrapUP2  band is the fitness tracker that fits your style. It’s thin, sleek, comes in a variety colors and has the best fitness app for your iPhone  and Android. And with up to 10 days of battery life you’ll need to recharge before your band. Read More.

Image result for UP2 by Jawbone

2) Garmin Vivofit 2 Activity Tracker : Get up and get moving with the Vivofit 2 Activity Tracker from Garmin. Wearable 24/7, the Vivofit 2 can record your activity and set personalised goals, such as time, steps taken, calorie tracking and more to keep you fit and healthy.


3) X Band Fitness Activity TrackerTalking about the popular smart devices, one such device is the Bluetooth Smart Fitness activity tracker waterproof wristband. This device is one of the best devices in its range with the number of features and support functions that exists with it. Read More.


4) Goqii V2 Fitness BandTrack your day-to-day activities with the GOQii fitness wristband. The band is soft, light-weight and designed to be worn at all times so you make every step count, whether at home, while exercising or at work. There’s nothing like a good-night’s sleep and GOQii tells you how well you slept at night. Read More.Image result for GOQii V2 Fitness Band5) Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch U8When U8 watch is connected with mobile phone. You can dial and answer the phone on the u watch When U8 watch is connected with mobile phone. music control function like on now, previous music and next one, etc . Read More.

51aH7betv8L._SX425_6) Zebronics Bluetooth Bracelet – TW64 :

41nMqkFniDL7) Zebronics Bluetooth Bracelet – SW18 : 

0001-500x5548) Pedometer Watch


9) Portronics YOGG Smart Wristband :

5015025310) Arm Band :

Related image11) Solar Pedometers :

Solar Pedometers12) Trendy Promotional Sunglass

Trendy Promotional Sunglass13) Luggage Strap with Built–in Weighing Scale :

Luggage-Strap-With-Weighing-Scale BranST IK14) MPOP – The Worlds Most Compact Mobile Phone Holder :


15) Smart Sport Glasses – G1 :

BrandSTIK16) Hoodies Sweatshirt With Zipper

aaa17) Hoodies Sweatshirt Without Zipper



New Year Tea Sets as a Corporate Gift

1) New Year Tea Set : Introducing the perfect new year gift a smart custom box which doubles up as a frame or calendar and includes 30 to 60 tea bags and a custom made cup. It’s a perfect desk accessory for ensuring year long visibility of your brand. The box can be customized in your colour with logo. Moq 50 pcs only. For more custom solutions for new year gifts do contact us. Read More.

New YEar Gift Set

2) Tea ScrollMake every occasion complete with the craftsmanship of this magnificent Tea Scroll. Buy tea gift box created to offer a complete sense of royal indulgence, made from luxurious Rustic Veneer Wood. Inside is found three perfectly placed Tea Tin Caddies holding 3 exquisite flavors of tea. There’s no reason to think any further to buy tea gift online since, Goodwyn Tea Scroll is your perfect gifting option.

Flavors Assam Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Kashmiri kahwa.

Contains Each tin contains 50gm tea. Read More.

Tea Scroll

3) Rustic Veneer Box : It is made out of Wood and gives you a very premium look. It has 6 compartments inside which can be re-utilized for various other purposes. 

Ingredients : 6*10= 60 tea bags, It again gives you a display look, Customer can choose any flavors from our wide varieties of tea. Read More.


4) Alluring Chest 9X10 (Brown) : True to its name, the ‘Alluring Chest’ is alluring in terms of its look and feel. The Evergreen Woody Tea Chest is an elegant tea gift box for someone who is a tea lover. The perfectly crafted black matte wooden box is eco-friendly and great way to organize your carefully chosen flavored gift teabags. Alluring Chest tea box with luxurious finish is perfect for every occasion.

Flavors : Assam Tea, Green Tea, Darjeeling Tea, Kashmiri Kahwa, Masala Tea, Lemon Tea, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Jasmine Green Tea.

Contains : 10*9=90 teabags, 10 teabags per flavor.

Alluring Chest

5) Silken Brown 6X10 : A Brown Glossy tea gift box that embodies luxury and richness of our best teas into a delightfully decorative gift. The Silken Casket stands out for its crafted solid evergreen wood that lovingly preserves every single flavor of your tea.

Flavors Assam Tea, Green Tea, Darjeeling tea, Kashmiri kahwa, Masala Tea, Lemon Tea.

Contains : 60 teabags, 10 for each flavour.

Silken Brown 6X10

6) Eco Friendly Jute Bag – 4 TinsAn excellent tea gift idea for the nature conscious, these jute gift bags are easy to store, carry and use. Buy tea caddies for their Eco- friendly nature that makes them an exceptional informal gift. This Eco tea gift has two ideally placed Tin Caddies cradling the choicest of tea leaves that are bound to make any occasion one of splendor. With each Goodwyn Eco jute gift bag you get four tea tin caddies of contrasting flavors.

Eco Friendly Jute Bag

7) Health Tea Box (Green Tea & Herbal Infusion)Health Tea Box is India’s first of its kind unique collection of Green tea & Herbal Infusion. The teas in our Health Tea Box have multiple benefits and aim to contribute to one’s overall well-being and fitness. The Health Tea Box comes with detailed instructions with the best time to have, along with health benefits. We recommend 2 cups everyday to complete the monthly course of good health. 10 flavors each. 60 Tea Bags.

TULSI GREEN- Ideal Time: Morning Health Benefits: Cleansing,Purifying,Restricts respiratory disorders.

JASMINE GREEN- Ideal Time: Post Breakfast Health Benefits: Cholesterol Absorption, Good for heart, Regulates BP.

GREEN TEA- Ideal Time: Post Breakfast Health Benefits: Weight Loss, Boost metabolism.

KASHMIRI KAHWA- Ideal Time: Evening Health Benefits: Relieves from Headache, Better Digestion

PEPPERMINT- Ideal Time: Afternoon Health Benefits: Relieves from nausea, could & cold.

CHAMOMILE- Ideal Time: Night Health Benefits: Better sleep, Relief from stomach ache, Antidepressant.

Health Tea Box



1) Gym Bag

Gym Bag

2) Adidas Travel Bag

Adidas Travel Bag

3) A Revolutionary Bag by BrandSTIK – EViO ENRGi with built in 10000 mAh Battery :

Bag BrandSTIK

4) EVA Foldable Tire Shape Duffel Bag :

Tyre Shape Bags5) UCB Gym Bag

UCB Gym Bag6) Laptop Bags :

Daimler Bag - BrandSTIK

7) Giordano Gbt-2024 Trolley Medium Trolley Backpack :

Giordano Gbt-2024 Trolley Medium Trolley Backpack


Gift Sets

1) Set of Box with Adidas Bag + Zipper Earphone + Sipper

Set of Box with Adidas Bag + Zipper Earphone + Sipper2) EViO SOUNDLOOP Bluetooth Speaker + Zipper Earphone + Credit Card Power Bank :

EViO SOUNDLOOP Bluetooth Speaker + Zipper Earphone + Credit Card Powerbank

3) X Band Fitness Activity Tracker + Zipper Earphone + Sipper with Card board Box Packing :

Zipper Earphone

We can customize Products with company logo. All our Products come with warranty. Minimum order quantity as low as 100 pcs. For more information or to see samples. send us a mail on or chat with us live on our website.

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